25th anniversary Sale!

Sale from Oct 19th to Nov 15th

Save 50% on Classic, make any classic kit and get 50% discount on second kit

Offer valid between Oct 19th to 22nd

Make More Save More

Sign up for 3 save $40.00  |  Sign up for 4 save $55.00  |  Sign up for 5 save $70.00

Hurry Up! November 13th is the deadline to sign up for LE22

Bottoms Up Sale!

Save up to $25! by checking under your wine bottle.

We Are Open!

Monday 10-6
Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday 10-6
Thursday 10-6 | 6-8*
Friday 10-6
Saturday 9-1
Sunday Closed

*6-8pm by appointment only

Nipissing Winery

1315 Fisher Street
North Bay, ON
[email protected]