About Us

Established in 1997 as part of the franchise Wine Not Stores we have grown our business from the ground up. We are no longer with the franchise and are now established as Nipissing Winery Your Neighbourhood Wine Making Establishment.

Dan and Shelley have 20 years previous experience in retail. Having raised three children and running the family business, we could not have achieved our success without the help and support of our families and loyal patrons.

Our main goal in running our business is to bring in top quality kits from suppliers who acquire grapes from the great wine producing regions of the world and to make the process as simple as possible for the customer, hence our slogan “We make it simple, You make it Great“.

Our Facility

Nipissing Winery is a state of the art wine making facility. It is a clean and well decorated environment, for your enjoyment of making your own wines.
The equipment at our establishment includes:

  • Automatic bottle fillers;
  • Automatic corkers;
  • Shrink cap machine,
  • Wine Management Program which will keep track of the wines process as well as the history of your past makings.

Our location at 1315 Fisher Street is easily accessible with ample parking for our patrons.

We also have a good assortment of kits and accessories for the home vintner.